Dream Catch Sampler

I love to paint with JOY and Open Heartedness . I painted this to not only illustrate to you the many possibilities you can create, but to elevate my daily intentions to live a fuller and more grounded life where my Dreams Come True.

My painting process involves a variety of steps.

  1. I write my wishes on the canvas first seeing the canvas as my ally, to infinite potential. Did you know that when you speak or write or paint with intention they start to manifest? I take a picture of my intentions for my guidance.
  2. On the second layer, I play with color and paint to open up my creative mind and heart. This is where I often forget the time and hum to myself.
  3. Thirdly, I step back and look at the creative layer to see where and how to paint the next layer.
  4. I bring the painting to life.
  5. Finish the finer details.

I will guide you through the process teaching you ways to paint with mindfulness, calmness, excitement, and just enjoy yourself.


"Susan's Inspired Art classes at the Conservancy truly inspires the inner artist in each person attending her classes. The setting soothes your soul. If inside the Chapel, just looking out the floor to ceiling length of windows inspires you. If weather permits the plein-air (outdoor) classes, you are painting on easels while surrounded by blooming plants and bird calls. Sign up, you will enjoy the art experience."

Debbie B

"Susan's painting classes have been a very important part of my healing process! I really enjoy her "layered" approach to the artist process. I have never painted before and am so grateful that Susan met me at a very Beginner level."

Carol S

Get Happy and Relax Through One Brush Stroke at a Time

The more you create the more balance is brought into your life. You tap into your right brain and let your worries and your left brain take a rest from your busy and daily routine. Also, Creative solutions to your life come up quicker after taking this break.
I find that when I create paint I am a much happier person all round.

Did you know that your higher self is creative and craves curiosity and fun?

Playing with paint and reflecting on your work and where it leads your curious self can be soothing for your whole being and spirit!

"Everyone is Creative."

There is a new way of thinking about Creativity it is that "Everyone is Creative."
Many of us have grown up thinking we don't have one ounce of painting ability so we think we can't. But You Do!!

Curriculum is UNDER CONSTRUCTION For ON-LINE CLASS will be up shortly.

Benefits of Painting

*Relax at the canvas with serene nature.

*Play with paint without an outcome.

*Leave your busy mind in the parking lot.

*Take risks without your inner critic .

*Throw perfectionism away.

*Switch mistakes into opportunities.

*Laugh and have fun with creatives like you.

*Breathe in satisfaction and nature’s beauty

*See your own unlimited potential.

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